Parkscape is a registered community-focused environmental NPO which seeks the creation of safe, biodiverse, open and shaded recreational areas/parks in the buffer zones of Table Mountain National Park.
Parkscape’s vision starts with Tokai Park, which we aim to use as a model for other buffer zones areas that lie between pristine National Park and the urban edge.
Our vision includes opportunities for social upliftment, community building, culture and heritage, tourism and recreation for all.
Membership Criteria
A natural person who undertakes to uphold the Constitution of Parkscape may be admitted to Membership of Parkscape on application to the Management Committee.
The Management Committee may from time to time establish additional classes of non-voting membership.
Membership of any person may be terminated by the Management Committee on determination by the Committee that the Member has failed to uphold the Constitution of Parkscape. The Committee shall make no determination of this kind without offering an affected Member the opportunity to make
representations to the Committee.
If you wish to join Parkscape, please complete the form below.
Thank you!
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You will only be emailed if we need to update you on something or enlist your support for a particular aspect of the campaign.
Please specify the way in which you use TMNP and Lower Tokai in particular. For example: cyclist, dog walker, horserider, family, Scouts. If you are a member of a particular organisation, such as Pedal Power, TDRA, Friends of the Dog Walker etc.
We may, very occasionally, need to contact you by whatsapp or text.
This will help us prove statistically to the authorities the wide area in which users of the park come from.
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